2017 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Update: Holding Steady in a Volatile Market

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The Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist, composed of 20 companies targeting a range of indications including blood cancers and solid tumors, irritable bowel disease and orphan diseases, has posted a modest gain since the first of the year. read more >

RXi Pharmaceuticals Receives Japanese Patent for RNAi Platform

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With the granting of a new patent in Japan for its lead compound, RXI-109, RXI Pharmaceuticals has strengthened its reach in Asian markets and enhanced the protections surrounding its proprietary RNAi platform. read more >

Five Companies with Favorable Risk/Reward Profiles from the AlphaNorth Capital Conference

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The 4th annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference brought together over 40 emerging growth companies with top investors. In this interview with Streetwise Reports, Steve Palmer, founder and president of AlphaNorth Asset Management and a co-organizer of the conference, discusses a diverse group of companies that were selected to attend the conference, including three biotech companies. read more >

String of Positive Trial Results Boosts RepliCel's Profile

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Positive results from RepliCel's Phase 1 trial for the treatment of aging and sun-damaged skin follow the release in the past few weeks of positive data from trials for chronic tendon problems and for hair loss. read more >

Cash-Rich Zynerba's Synthetic Cannabinoid Product Line Ready to Rumble

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Zynerba Pharmaceuticals specializes in developing and commercializing synthetic cannabinoid therapeutics formulated for transdermal delivery. The Devon, Pennsylvania-based company's Q4/16 financial results disclose a substantial cash kitty of ~$78M available to fund its pipeline of medical marijuana products, ZYN001 and ZYN002. read more >

Four Biotech Mid-Caps Fund Manager Eden Rahim Believes Have Favorable Catalysts

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Biotech may be the last great bastion of stock picking, posits Eden Rahim, who manages the Toronto-based Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund. The fund is up 40% in the last 12 months. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Rahim provides his view of the sector and profiles four companies he believes may have great upside. read more >

VistaGen Therapeutics Advances New-Generation Antidepressant Approved by European Patent Office

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In a milestone for South San Francisco-based VistaGen Therapeutics, the European Patent Office (EPO) has issued a Notice of Intention to grant the company patents for its antidepressant prodrug, AV-101. read more >
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"INO's revenues and R&D were slightly above our projections."

–Charles Duncan, Piper Jaffray & Co.

NASDAQ Biotech ARCA Pharmaceutical

3D Signatures' TeloView Can Diagnose Alzheimer's with Cheek Swab

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With a swab taken from the inside of a patient's cheek, 3D Signatures' TeloView platform has demonstrated its ability to diagnose Alzheimer's disease, and also to assess whether the disease is manifesting in a mild, moderate or severe form. read more >
Management Q&A: View from the Top

Many Paths to Success with DURECT's Pipeline

Managment Q&A: View from the Top
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DURECT has a pipeline of drugs for a wide range of indications, from NASH to psoriasis to postoperative pain. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. James Brown, DURECT's President and CEO, discusses the potentially groundbreaking epigenetic regulator DUR-928, POSIMIR's late-stage testing for postoperative pain and an abuse-deterrent oral technology. read more >

Therapix IPO on NASDAQ Could Catapult It into the Big Leagues

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Therapix Biosciences launches its IPO on NASDAQ on Wednesday, March 22, under the trading symbol TRPX. The Tel Aviv-based company specializing in the development and commercialization of cannabinoid-based treatments has a drug for Tourette Syndrome in Phase 2a trials and is additionally developing a drug for mild cognitive impairment. The IPO helps put it on a path to join much larger companies developing cannabinoid-based drugs. read more >

RepliCel's Phase 1 Trial for Hair Loss Completed Successfully

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RepliCel's successful conclusion of its Phase 1 trial for hair loss sets it up for the next steps in the drug's development. read more >
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