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Strong Q1 2024 Financial Results Reflect Positive Growth For AI Company (05/24/2024)

MultiSensor AI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MSAI) announced strong financial results for the first quarter of 2024. Read on for more about how this plays out in its role within the AI sector.


Co. Expands Telehealth Contract to New State (05/22/2024)

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. announced that a large U.S. health group has expanded its contract with the telehealth company to cover facilities in a new state. Read why one analyst thinks the stock is a Buy.


New Healthcare AI Partnership Aims to Transform Health Risk Assessments (05/21/2024) AI Inc. has entered into a collaborative agreement with Health Care Services International Inc. to leverage its advanced healthcare AI engine and enhance services. Read on to learn what this means for the growing sector.


Pharma Co. Secures $650M Strategic Financing (05/16/2024)

According to a Canaccord Genuity research note, Verona Pharma Plc. received a US$650 million strategic financing, which management believes will extend the cash runway beyond 2026 and fund the upcoming commercial activities related to the potential FDA approval of ensifentrine.


New COPD Drug Slated for Approval Decision This June (05/15/2024)

Ahead of the upcoming PDUFA date, several analysts recommend the biopharma behind this treatment as a Buy. Read on to learn why.


Pharma Stock Focuses on Successful Ensifentrine Launch (05/15/2024)

Verona Pharma Plc. is well positioned to launch its ensifentrine into the substantial market of nearly 9 million COPD patients, according to a BTIG Research note.


Pharma Stock Nears FDA Approval (05/14/2024)

According to a Jefferies & Co. research note, Verona Pharma Plc. is at the final stretch for its FDA approval.


Investor Conference Highlights New Strategic Directions for Addressing Opioid Crisis (05/13/2024)

Safe Supply Streaming has provided an update on Safety Strips, its recent acquisition. Read on for more about how this impacts the company's battle against the opioid crisis.


Tech Firm Eyes Market Expansion With Innovative Plug Tech (05/09/2024)

SKYX Platforms Corp. teams up with Ruee Appliances, blending innovative smart technology with robust manufacturing and financial support to tap into U.S., Chinese, and European markets. Read on to see why one technical analyst called the company's market "gigantic."


Breakthrough COPD Treatment Awaits FDA Approval, Promising Major Market Impact (05/08/2024)

Verona Pharma is poised for a pivotal breakthrough with its drug candidate, ensifentrine, potentially transforming COPD treatment pending an upcoming FDA decision. Read on for more.


Critical Reforms Stuck in Congressional Gridlock (05/07/2024)

McAlinden Research shares its thoughts on the current state of the cannabis market in light of recent legislative moves and two ETFs that may be impacted.


Medical School Renews Contract with Tech Co. (05/06/2024)

This move further validates the firm's Medical Education Suite. Discover why one analyst rates this healthcare-disrupting company as a Strong Buy.


Biotech Co. Positioned for Ensifentrine Approval, Analyst Says (05/06/2024)

According to a Jefferies & Co. research note, Verona Pharma Plc. has a 90-95% probability of success for PDUFA approval.


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