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Monkeypox Virus Test Could Yield Revenue for Its Creator (05/31/2022)

The Utah-based diagnostics firm has multiple shots on goal with this specific molecular test and with its convenient, fast testing platform, both in development, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Cancer Patients Have Partial Response With Drug (05/28/2022)

The developer of this antibody just released the results of its dose evaluation in solid tumors, noted a Wedbush report.


Cancer Targeting Drug Better Tolerated Than Others (05/27/2022)

A comparison of safety data shows this Phase 3 treatment candidate for liposarcoma differentiates itself from competitors with its superior safety profile, noted an Oppenheimer report.


50% Revenue Growth Expected This Year for Biopharma Co. (05/26/2022)

The company is pursuing several strategies to boost revenue, including clinical trials to possibly expand the label of one of its approved dermatological drugs, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.


Trial Shows Colon Cleansing Device to Be Effective (05/26/2022)

"The positive results could drive physician adoption when scheduling colonoscopies for hard-to-prepare patients going forward," noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


FDA Approves New Skin Resurfacing Device (05/26/2022)

Apyx Medical Corp. shares traded 50% higher after the company reported it received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its Renuvion Dermal Handpiece for use in specific cosmetic dermal resurfacing procedures.


Target Price on Drug Co. Suggests Possible Huge Returns (05/25/2022)

Through H2/22, this biopharma intends to keep advancing its psychedelic drug formulations for major depression, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.


US Biopharma Co. Chooses One Endpoint for Phase 3 Trial (05/24/2022)

With this strategic decision, the company hopes to increase the chances its dry eye disease drug gets greenlighted, noted a BTIG report.


Cannabis Firm Posts Improved Q2 FY22 YOY (05/23/2022)

Compared to the previous year, the company's overall operating results for the quarter are better, noted a Noble Capital Markets report.


Innoviva Buys Remaining Shares in Advanced Antibiotic Co. (05/23/2022)

Shares of Entasis Therapeutics traded 21% higher after the company reported it entered into a definitive merger agreement with Innoviva Inc., whereby Innoviva will acquire all outstanding shares of Entasis that it does not already own for $2.20 per share.


H2/22 Slated to Be Catalyst Rich for Pharma Co. (05/21/2022)

Streetwise looks over the latest events surrounding Syros Pharmaceuticals after a Roth Capital Partners report shared that its newest updates could bolster the cash position of the firm and, thus, allow it to continue advancing all of its clinical programs.


US Pharma Co. Granted FDA Approval for IV Smallpox Drug (05/20/2022)

SIGA Technologies Inc. shares traded 30% higher after the company reported that the U.S. FDA has granted approval for an intravenous (IV) formulation of its TPOXX® (tecovirimat) for use in treating smallpox.


New Improved Drug Expected to Get FDA Approval Next Month (05/20/2022)

Greenlighting of its medication for urea cycle disorders is the first of a trio of catalysts anticipated for this U.S. pharma firm in 2022, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report. Streetwise reviews the newest updates in this drug development and the company's stock.


Firm Reports Encouraging Trial Results in Cystinosis (05/19/2022)

New data from a Wedbush report shows that study patients experienced improvements in visual-motor integration, motor coordination, and visual perception. Streetwise Reports takes a deeper look at Avrobio Inc.


EU Co. Secures Smallpox Vaccine Order to Target Monkeypox (05/19/2022)

Shares of Danish vaccine company Bavarian Nordic A/S traded 70% higher after the company advised that it had secured a contract for its IMVANEX® smallpox vaccine from an undisclosed country in Europe for use in addressing newly confirmed cases of monkeypox.


Coverage Launched on Co. in Alzheimer's Drug Space (05/17/2022)

This biopharma's therapeutic candidates for central nervous system diseases stand out because of their selective and specific mechanism of action, noted a Leede Jones Gable report.


Clinical Catalysts for Biotech's Stock On Track for Mid 2022 (05/15/2022)

Upcoming potential stock-moving events include new data concerning the company's lead therapeutic candidate for age-related eye diseases, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.


Biopharma Co. to Launch Two Clinical Trials This Year (05/14/2022)

Success in either program, atopic dermatitis or asthma, "could lead to multiblockbuster sales," noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.


Japan Pharma Co. Invests $275 Million in U.S. Oncology Firm (05/13/2022)

Cullinan Oncology Inc. shares traded 23% higher yesterday after the company reported it entered into a strategic investment, development, and licensing agreement with Taiho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. of Japan for its CLN-081/TAS6417 for use in treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.


First Results From Biotech Co.'s Lymphoma Program Are Impressive (05/13/2022)

This data will be presented at the 2022 annual meeting of the European Hematology Association on June 11th, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.


Pfizer Offers $11.6B to Buy Biopharma Co. (05/10/2022)

Shares of Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Co. Ltd. traded almost 70% higher after the company reported it agreed to be acquired by Pfizer Inc. for $148.50 per share in cash plus future royalty opportunities.


Ophthalmic Med Tech. Firm Sees 166% Gain in LAL Implants (05/06/2022)

Shares of RxSight Inc. traded 7% higher after the company reported Q1/22 financial results which highlighted a 157% YoY increase in revenue and a 208% increase in unit sales of its Light Delivery Devices (LDD™s) utilized in cataract surgery procedures to implant its RxSight Light Adjustable Lens® (LAL), which it says is "the world's first and only adjustable intraocular lens (IOL) that is customized after cataract surgery."


Analyst Says Avivagen Is a Strong Buy (05/05/2022)

With Avivagen's breakthrough product relishing in its success, Analyst Clive Maund reviews if he believes it is now a formidable contender as a Buy.


Biopharma Co. Licenses Orphan Drug to UK Firm for $450M (05/05/2022)

Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc. shares traded 20% higher after the company reported it entered into a $450 million licensing agreement with Advanz Pharma in markets outside of the U.S. for Ocaliva® for use in treatment of primary biliary cholangitis, a progressive and chronic autoimmune disease which affects the liver.


Pilot Launch of VLN Cigarettes in Progress (05/03/2022)

These "very low nicotine" tobacco products will be an alternative for smokers when the FDA effects its imminent menthol cigarette ban, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report.


FDA Expands Use for Transcarotid Stent (05/02/2022)

Silk Road Medical Inc. shares traded 12% higher after the company reported that the U.S. FDA granted expanded authorization for its ENROUTE® transcarotid stent system for use in preventing stroke in patients deemed to be at standard risk for adverse events from carotid endarterectomy.


Biotech Co. Advances COVID-19 Vaccines Toward Approval (05/01/2022)

They include booster vaccines for different age groups of children and an Omicron-targeting booster for adults, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


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