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Coverage Initiated on 'Emerging Colossus in Diagnostics and Life Science' (07/29/2020)

Meridian Bioscience's business segments, revenue and growth as well as COVID-19's positive impact on them are reviewed in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Digital Health Firm Signs Deal to Acquire Vancouver Medical Clinic Serving 60,000 Patients (07/29/2020)

CloudMD reported it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire South Surrey Medical Clinic in Metro Vancouver in a combination stock and cash deal valued at CA$700,000.


Kodak Shares Triple in a Flash on $765 Million Loan from DFC for New Pharmaceutical Unit (07/28/2020)

Eastman Kodak shares traded more than 200% higher after the company reported it is forming a new business unit to produce essential pharmaceutical components funded by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.


TCR2 Therapeutics Reports Positive Results in Mesothelin-Expressing Solid Tumor Study (07/27/2020)

Shares of TCR2 Therapeutics traded 30% higher after the firm released encouraging results from the Phase 1 portion of its clinical study of TC-210 in treating advanced mesothelin-expressing solid tumors.


Milestone Shares More than Double After Presenting Updated Clinical Plan for Heart Condition (07/23/2020)

Shares of Milestone Pharmaceuticals traded 150% higher after the company reported regulatory guidance and updated its clinical development plan for etripamil nasal spray designed for self-administered use in PSVT treatment.


Biopharma's Therapeutic Jumps to Phase 2 Testing for COVID-19 'to Shut Down the Cytokine Storm' (07/22/2020)

A development update on Sorrento Therapeutics' three coronavirus-related products is provided in a Dawson James report.


HCA Healthcare Shares Move Up on Q2 Earnings and Resumption of Non-Emergency Procedures (07/22/2020)

Shares of HCA Healthcare traded more than 10% higher after the company reported Q2/20 financial results and advised it has seen a gradual rise in patient volumes in May and June for elective and non-emergency procedures.


Owens & Minor Shares Trade 75% Higher on Preliminary Q2 Earnings and Raised FY Guidance (07/21/2020)

Shares of Owens & Minor reached a new 52-week high after the company reported preliminary Q2/20 results and raised FY/20 earnings guidance.


AI Tech Firm Provides COVID-19 Contact Tracing Solution Update (07/20/2020)

Loop Insights continues to educate governments and venue operators around the world about its easily implemented platform.


Innovative Telehealth Company to Acquire Firm with Mental Health Platform (07/18/2020)

With this transaction, CloudMD Software & Services will become Canada's first telemedicine company with both primary care and mental health care components.


Dynavax Shares Rise 20% on Partnership with Mount Sinai to Develop Universal Flu Vaccine (07/17/2020)

Shares of Dynavax Technologies reached a new 52-week high after the company reported that it is collaborating with Mount Sinai to develop a universal influenza vaccine candidate with CpG 1018 adjuvant.


Cheap Valuation and Fastest Revenue Growth in Telemedicine? Analyst Says Yes. (07/17/2020)

In the time of Covid-19, Peter Epstein of Epstein Research breaks down the investment opportunity offered by CloudMD.


Threat Detection Company's AI Division Partners with Healthcare Firm to Increase Cancer Testing Access (07/16/2020)

Patriot One Technologies reported its Xtract AI division is working with Canexia Health to increase access to cancer testing as part of the Digital Technology Supercluster COVID-19 Program project.


AC Immune Shares Rise 19% as Firm Advances Alzheimer's Vaccine in Phase 1b/2a Trial (07/16/2020)

AC Immune SA shares set a new 52-week high after the Swiss biotech firm reported that interim data from its Phase 1b/2a phospho-Tau Alzheimer's Vaccine study reconfirms promising safety and Tau-specific immunogenicity observed in the prior clinical trial.


Taiwan Liposome Shares Rise 60% on Inhalable Liposomal HCQ Potential Covid-19 Treatment Claims (07/15/2020)

Shares of Taiwan Liposome Co. reached a new 52-week high after the company released a manuscript describing how its inhalable liposomal hydroxychloroquine may provide clinical benefit and offer a potential treatment for Covid-19.


Virtual Healthcare Tech Firm's Contract in Puerto Rico Is Its Largest by 400% (07/15/2020)

Reliq Health Technologies' agreement with digiiMED makes its platform available to more than 200,000 patients.


Potential Covid-19 Treatment Is Ready for Prime Time (07/14/2020)

Small-cap Algernon Pharmaceuticals is about to begin a multinational Phase 2b/3 trial for Ifenprodil, a repurposed drug with a known safety record.


INmune Bio Shares Double after Reporting Positive Phase 1b Alzheimer's Trial Data (07/14/2020)

Shares of INmune Bio reached a new 52-week high after the company reported interim data from its Phase 1b study of XPro1595 that demonstrated decreased neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's patients.


Analyst: Integrated Model Positioned to Monetize on Telehealth Emergence (07/13/2020)

Echelon Capital Markets initiates coverage and explains why it is bullish on CloudMD Software & Services.


Biotech Partners to Develop, Offer Alzheimer's Disease Tests (07/13/2020)

ProMIS Neurosciences and its collaborator make their relationship official with a joint venture agreement.


BioNTech Shares Rise as FDA Grants It and Partner Pfizer Fast Track Status for Two Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates (07/13/2020)

Shares of BioNTech SE traded 15% higher after the company reported that, together with its partner Pfizer, it has received FDA Fast Track designation for two separate mRNA-based vaccine candidates against SARS-CoV-2.


Threat Detection Company Forms Partnership to Advance Covid-19 Pathogen Screening (07/12/2020)

Patriot One Technologies reported it is collaborating with ecoMine Technologies to advance pathogen screening applications as part of Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster's Covid-19 program.


Altimmune Shares Up 20% Upon Forming Partnership for Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine (07/09/2020)

Altimmune shares reached a new 52-week high after the company reported it is collaborating with DynPort Vaccine on U.S. government funding efforts for AdCOVID™, its COVID-19 vaccine candidate.


Biotech with Phase 3 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis Trials Raises Capital, Now 'Funded Through Catalysts' (07/08/2020)

An update on Can-Fite BioPharma's multiple drug treatment trials is provided in a Dawson James report.


Preclinical COVID-19 Vaccine Data 'Encouraging' (07/08/2020)

Updates on Sorrento Therapeutics' two coronavirus-related products are provided in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Biopharma Starts Enrollment Screening for Phase 2 Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cough Trial (07/08/2020)

In the study, Algernon Pharmaceuticals will test an existing drug that is being repurposed for these indications.


Analyst: G1 Minimizes the Carnage of Chemotherapy (07/01/2020)

ROTH Capital Partners initiates coverage on U.S. oncology biopharma G1 Therapeutics that is now filing an NDA.


'Undervalued' Biopharma Gets Breakthrough Status for Alzheimer's Agitation Drug (07/01/2020)

Axsome Therapeutics' latest news and clinical outlook are discussed in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Life Sciences Firm Submits IND Application to FDA for Phase 3 COVID-19 Study (07/01/2020)

Revive Therapeutics submitted an Investigational New Drug Application to the FDA for a Phase 3 confirmatory study of Bucillamine for treatment in SARS-CoV-2.


Akero Therapeutics Shares Rise on Positive Data from Phase 2a NASH Study (07/01/2020)

Akero Therapeutics shares traded 28% higher and established a new 52-week high after the company reported that it recorded positive histological data across all Efruxifermin dosage groups in its Phase 2a BALANCED Study in NASH patients.


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