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Christopher James Turns a Clinical Eye on Biotechs with High Reward Potential (07/31/2014)

A biotech analyst could play it safe, and stick with mid-, late- and commercial-stage companies that offer higher odds and decent returns on good news. Christopher James, on the other hand, recommends that investors willing to diversify their holdings and take on informed risk hold a short list of companies with huge potential. James, a senior analyst and managing director at Brinson Patrick Securities, is a neurosurgeon by training, and examines new platforms and proposed therapies with a clinician's eye. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James turns that eye on three names with dramatic, paradigm-changing technology platforms that could energize portfolios.


Is It Bad to Bottle Up Your Anger? (07/30/2014)

"Even if studies are inconclusive as to whether getting angry is always good for us physically, surely the mere act of letting it all out will provide some relief, won't it? Maybe not."


ROTH Capital's Debjit Chattopadhyay: Marriage of Diagnostics to New Therapies Breeds Biotech Winners (07/24/2014)

pillsblack82Aging baby boomers face increased cancer risk, and growing numbers of obese and overweight Americans face metabolic disorders that could lead to cardiovascular disease. Debjit Chattopadhyay of ROTH Capital Partners recommends that biotech investors consider these trends when looking at portfolio options in the healthcare sector. A medical researcher turned biotech analyst, Chattopadhyay highlights several companies with unique diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in this interview with The Life Sciences Report.


Tempering Insane Optimism with Due Diligence: Alan Leong on Niche Biotech Prospects (07/17/2014)

Alan Leong has chosen to look for investments positioned in less obvious alcoves of the market. Interestingly, this concept could be a competitive advantage for retail investors. His niche markets include orphan, metabolic and animal companion medicine, as well as some less obvious indications for regenerative medicine. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the CEO of biotech analysis company BioWatch News cites four unconventional biotech and specialty pharma names positioned to generate significant returns for investors.


Will New Technology Make You Love Going to the Dentist? (07/14/2014)

"Dentistry is ripe for high-tech blockbusters."


Turnaround Stories Lead Reni Benjamin's Biotech Front-Runners (07/10/2014)

The biotech bull market is not over. That's the judgment of Reni Benjamin of H.C. Wainwright & Co., who predicts high quality data from a broad range of small- and mid-cap biotechs will move shares higher during the summer and especially in the fall. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Benjamin showcases names with powerful platforms and market winds to their backs, which he believes could vigorously multiply investor capital over the next 12–18 months.


Into Record-Setting Territory: Huge Q2 for Biotech and Pharma M&A (07/09/2014)

"The stampede of U.S. companies seeking shelter from the country’s high domestic corporation tax rate has largely driven the deal making. This financial engineering has been widely applauded by the markets but has increasingly been raising the ire of politicians."


Bubble? What Bubble? The BioScience Profit Outlook for the Rest of 2014 (07/02/2014)

"Bioscience investors are putting their money into companies making good drugs with solid data that meet critical needs in the real world. They're helping fuel R&D into terrible and terrifying diseases, and they're funding the distribution of those products into a waiting market."


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