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Healthcare Sector Spurred by Population Growth and M&As (06/27/2014)

"The recent trend in healthcare M&As has many benefits, not least of which is the ability to reach a wider range of people who depend on the drugs and treatments the industry delivers."


Piper Jaffray's Charles Duncan Addresses Pot Shots (06/26/2014)

Early-stage biotech is a risky investment, but some bets are safer than others. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is doing high-stakes experimental work in both preventive and therapeutic medicine, addressing HIV, cancers and pre-cancers. The company's lead clinical program is in Phase 2 and a data readout is imminent, which has made the stock both volatile and an easy target for critics. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director Charles Duncan of Piper Jaffray & Co. addresses some of the criticisms that overhang the stock.


Three Ways to Spot Bad Biotech Data (06/20/2014)

"Biotech is (for the most part) a game of chance that has a lot to do with luck. However, I do believe that investors can significantly improve their chances of a win with just a rudimentary understanding of clinical trial data and how it is viewed by doctors and the FDA."


Fire Up the Immuno-Oncology Powerhouses: John McCamant (06/19/2014)

Forecasting when we'll have a cure for cancer remains beyond the predictive powers of researchers and investors. But forecasting the focus of the latest American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting was in the cards: Immuno-oncology took center stage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Medical Technology Stock Newsletter editor John McCamant describes the excitement surrounding this rapidly evolving sector, and names big pharma and small biotech players conjuring potential game-changers.


Two Cancer Stocks Take Shots on Goal: Echo He (06/19/2014)

Oncology is king in biotech. Patients must be put on one drug, and then another, followed by another, as the disease progresses and becomes resistant. Multiple drugs will always be necessary, meaning multiple opportunities for drug companies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, analyst Echo He, formerly with the Maxim Group, serves investors two cancer drug picks that have been battered but are hot for a comeback.


The LifeSci Startup with 'The Ultimate App' (06/17/2014)

"What if when you went into a grocery store, a smartphone app could tell you which foods you were about to purchase might make your specific body sick—or which might prevent illness?"


Stunning Potential for Upside in Canadian Biotech: Brian Bloom (06/12/2014)

You may not have thought to look northward for biotech innovators, but Bloom Burton & Co. cofounder and President Brian Bloom can show you some truly hot Canadian companies with compelling skill sets and pipelines. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Bloom talks about his firm's upcoming conference and presents a detailed picture of four very interesting companies that could return doubles, triples or more.


Immunopalooza! Time to Profit (Again) from the 'ASCO Effect' (06/12/2014)

"Investors like us love ASCO because of the so-called 'ASCO Effect'—a hefty surge in cancer-focused biotech stocks that always accompanies the start of this meeting."


Silver: The Undercover Super Metal Does Medicine, Too (06/12/2014)

"Silver plays a major roll in technology today. From everyday gadgets to healing wounds, this precious is an important part of modern life."


Shortage of R&D at Big Pharma Creates Demand for Small Biotech: Joseph Pantginis (06/05/2014)

The recent pullback in biotech shares has not changed the time-tested theory of investing in small-cap drug development companies. Good or bad data will continue to move shares. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, ROTH Capital Partners' Senior Research Analyst Joseph Pantginis presents five biotech names with varying timeframes for market-moving data that could provide huge upside for investors willing to do some homework and understand the growth proposition.


Focus on Catalysts to Cash In on Biotech: Jason Kolbert (06/04/2014)

When progress is made in drug development, value is created. Investors recognize that progress by purchasing shares in companies when milestones—which act as catalysts—are met. The Maxim Group's Senior Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Jason Kolbert lives by catalysts, and urges his investor clientele to understand there is no other reason to buy a stock except in anticipation of new information that creates value. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kolbert discusses six names that have immense regenerative power for portfolios.


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