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Evaluate Biotech Stocks with Cynicism: Debjit Chattopadhyay (02/27/2014)

brainandnumbers82Biotech investing is a risky business, so investors should thoroughly examine a company's vital statistics before taking the plunge. That's the recommendation of Managing Director Debjit Chattopadhyay of Emerging Growth Equities, who brings a strict scientific discipline to stock analysis. As a former medical researcher, Chattopadhyay comes by his skepticism honestly, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he brings five exciting—but critically scrutinized—growth names to investors' attention.


Bryan Brokmeier Remains Bullish on Life Sciences Tools and Diagnostics Companies (02/27/2014)

This will be a great year for life sciences tools and diagnostics companies, says Bryan Brokmeier of Maxim Group. And no, growth won't be driven by irrational exuberance, the senior analyst explains in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Instead, the industry is bolstered by powerful tailwinds fanning new demand for molecular diagnostics, and by the clamoring of academia, pharmas and biotechs for specialized assay platforms. As Brokmeier lays out his sector growth theory, he also highlights a group of stocks with value drivers that could power a portfolio with biotechlike growth potential.


Pharma Learns to Brave the Patent Cliff (02/25/2014)

"The pharmaceutical industry is on the brink of another significant patent expiry cliff. Unlike the one it fell off in 2012, though, the latest version will leave it relatively unscathed."


Specialty Pharma Bulking Up: $100B Boost in 2013 Market Cap Drives Deals in Early 2014 (02/25/2014)

"Specialty pharma acquirers accounted for roughly 40% of all 2013 M&A by value, with no fewer than seven offshore deals totaling over US$35B. All of these deals resulted in increased 2014 guidance."


Chen Lin's Perfect Biotech Market Prescription: Buy Low, Sell High! (02/20/2014)

Charming and smart, Chen Lin makes a lot of money by jumping in and out of the highly volatile biotech market while obeying a set of simple rules, which he reveals in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Applying his strong science background, Lin zeros in on biotech firms with solid products. The trick is in having the guts to buy low and sell high, against the market tide, says the editor of the widely respected newsletter, What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? Lin also brings us up to date on his favorite picks.


Catalysts Drive These Stocks: Mara Goldstein (02/20/2014)

Whether biotech stocks keep up the scorching pace of 2013 remains to be seen, but we can count on one thing going forward, says Cantor Fitzgerald Senior Analyst Mara Goldstein. We are still in a catalyst-driven market. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Goldstein discusses four names with approaching milestones that she believes are important growth drivers. Her fifth pick is a binary event story, meaning it could skyrocket on good data or plummet on bad.


Big Pharma Continues the Race for Electroporation (02/17/2014)

"Electroporation is a delivery platform that uses an electrical pulse to create temporary pores in cells."


Big Pharma Will Find Good Hunting Among Early-Stage Biotechs: Dhesh Govender (02/13/2014)

chemicallight82Dhesh Govender, manager of the life sciences portfolio for Cedar Lane Enterprises Inc., has the inside track when it comes to identifying the hottest biotech trends. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Govender explains why he thinks plenty of upside remains in the life sciences sector, and reveals trade secrets that every investor should consider when building a successful investment strategy.


Regenerative Medicine Finally Gets Some Respect: Reni Benjamin (02/11/2014)

Of the many themes that propelled the biotech sector to record returns in 2013, regenerative medicine and therapeutics targeting cancer were front and center. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Reni Benjamin, managing director and equity research analyst at H.C. Wainwright & Co., talks about two companies with impending catalysts that play on these themes, and offers his take on the prospects for the regenerative medicine sector going forward.


The Best Biotech Takeover Targets for 2014 (02/10/2014)

"Large-cap pharmaceutical companies, instead of starting from scratch on a new patent, want an easier and more effective way to replace their lost "cash-cow" revenue. They will look to acquire biotech companies—and their phase 2 or phase 3 drugs."


Do Away with the Pill-A-Day Biotech Model: Steve Brozak (02/06/2014)

The U.S. healthcare system is untenable, says Steve Brozak, president of WBB Securities. The solution-oriented Brozak is on the hunt for biotech and medical device companies that fit a new paradigm, in which budgets are restrained and companies generate curative therapies for unmet needs. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak takes aim at a broken system and lists ten problem-solving companies that can adapt to the changes he believes must take place for healthcare to be profitable and productive. A bonus: These companies can also add vigor to investment portfolios.


Ram Selvaraju: A Pair of Companies Ride the Sea Change in Cancer Therapeutics (02/04/2014)

A new generation of oncology treatments is moving through clinical trials toward the market. These proposed products are revolutionary in both their approaches to disease and their expected efficacy. Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju, armed with his background as a drug developer, has followed dozens of highly innovative small- and mid-cap biotech companies, many of which he originally spotted as micro caps. In his second of three interviews with The Life Sciences Report, the head of equity healthcare research at Aegis Capital Corp. highlights two names with huge growth prospects.


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