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Will Biotech Fire on All Cylinders in 2015? (12/30/2014)

Making predictions for the New Year may feel as productive as peering into a crystal ball. But in the life sciences, hard science and long experience back prognostication. The biotech market enjoyed a stellar 2013 and withstood a solid check in early 2014 before rebounding, essentially following the upward trend that most experts forecast. What is in store for 2015? The Life Sciences Report turned to newsletter writer John McCamant and WBB Securities' Steve Brozak for insight.


BioWorld's Top 10: Biggest Biotech News Makers and Stories of 2014 (12/29/2014)

To say that 2014 was a good year for the biopharma industry would be a radical understatement. The flourishing capital markets, the record-breaking number of companies successfully going public via initial public offerings and the validation of scientific breakthroughs that only a few years ago had been mere theories all made for a banner year for the sector


Cell Therapy 2015: With Maturity Comes Promise (12/23/2014)

A number of new and innovative medical paradigms are being explored by companies in the life sciences sector, with one of the front-runners being cell therapy—a disruptive technology that has, in the past few years, progressed out of preclinical studies and into clinical development. To learn more about the transformative promise of regenerative medicine, and what investors might expect from companies working in the sector in 2015, The Life Sciences Report asked analysts Jason Kolbert of Maxim Group and Dr. Christopher James of Brinson Patrick to discuss the advances that could generate robust returns on investment in coming years.


The Best Biotech Stocks to Buy in 2015 (12/22/2014)

Market corrections are always a possibility – especially in biotech, which is one of the more volatile sectors. That's why the most important thing for investors in 2015 is finding companies with real value. Biotech companies that make good drugs that meet critical needs will be the sector's best profit opportunities.


2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Announced (12/18/2014)

In its third year, The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist currently includes 12 drug development companies selected by leading analysts in the sector. With catalysts on the horizon and pipelines that encompass a variety of indications and innovative platforms, these biotechs are primed to return multiples on investment.


Doug Loe: Canada Has Earned Its Spot in the Biotech All-Star Team Photo (12/18/2014)

Biotech investors in the United States who overlook investment opportunities across the borders are missing out on huge opportunities, says Douglas Loe, healthcare equity analyst with Euro Pacific Canada. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Loe gives the Canadian life sciences industry an upbeat prognosis, and offers ideas on companies that could realize generous returns in the sector in 2015.


BioPharm Executive: Top 7 Trends of 2014, with Predictions for 2015 (12/15/2014)

"The cancer immunotherapy area will heat up further. . .And while there won't be rush of approvals for RNAi, antisense, and gene therapy drugs in 2015, we'll get data that puts us a lot closer."


Wedbush Securities' David Nierengarten on Genetic Cures for Disease: Impossible Dream Come True? (12/11/2014)

Clinicians like to speak in terms of "managing" disease. That term of art is an admission that, in most cases, they can't cure the serious problems confronting patients. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, David Nierengarten of Wedbush Securities explores gene therapies that actually correct an inborn mutation in human DNA, creating permanent change, actual cures and better lives for patients. It sounds beyond the reach of medicine. . .and therein lies the opportunity: Investors in gene therapy companies may capture serious returns on risk capital when the cure is attained.


Could Pinky the 'Super Mouse' End Alzheimer's? (12/05/2014)

What would happen if you took Pinky and swapped some of his brain cells with human ones? As it turns out, what you might get is a really smart mouse. But that's not all you'd get. You'd get a potential new therapy, capable of curing Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease. . .even multiple sclerosis.


Brinson Patrick's Christopher S. James: All Catalysts Are Not Created Equal (12/04/2014)

Why do some good-news milestones cause stocks to languish, or even fall? Neurosurgeon Christopher James, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at Brinson Patrick Securities, performs due diligence on stocks, in part, by connecting his clinical experience to the readiness of physicians and patients to adopt new therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James gives real-life examples of catalysts and their effects, and highlights three strong biotech plays that could return multiples of invested capital.


Cowboy Up for a Biotech Stock Winner Has Wall Street Fooled (12/02/2014)

"Sovaldi sales are slowing down for a simple but lucrative reason. Gilead Sciences is set to release a new drug that will soon replace this blockbuster—and that may do even better."


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