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Meet High Risk and High Reward, Biotech's Profit Partners: Bert Hazlett (07/25/2013)

Small-cap biotech investing carries real risk. Startup companies tend to have only a few ideas in development, which leaves ample room for setbacks—even room for disaster. Robert "Bert" Hazlett, senior biotechnology research analyst with ROTH Capital Partners, doesn't mind taking such risks, but tempers them with a diversification strategy designed to minimize the impact of potential hiccups and blowups. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hazlett expands on his strategy and mentions four companies with experienced management teams and high hopes for huge returns.


Is Cell Therapy the 'Future of Medicine'?: Jason Kolbert (07/25/2013)

The pricey evolutionary tradeoff for walking on two legs is the curse of lower back pain. Jason Kolbert of the Maxim Group understands the power of stem cells as disease-modifying therapies for degenerative disc disease of the spine, a leading-edge, multibillion-dollar indication. Kolbert explores the opportunities that cell therapies offer investors in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, and puts a personal spin on their regenerative promise.


Raghuram 'Ram' Selvaraju on the Best Biotech Ideas of 2013 (07/18/2013)

Small-cap, oncology-focused biotechs with novel technologies have always been bestsellers for investors. Subplots have emerged along the way, but Aegis Capital Corp.'s Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Equity Research Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju maintains that these companies continue to drive the biotech story forward. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Selvaraju reflects on the state of the industry and shares reams of information on specific ideas for investors.


The Growing Appetite for Biotech: Pooya Hemami (07/11/2013)

When should investors jump on a junior biotech stock with a promising product in the pipeline? That's a tricky question, one that analyst Pooya Hemami of Edison Investment Research considers carefully as he tracks astonishing epigenetic-based and orphan drugs with novel applications. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hemami describes how he assesses the viability of a junior firm and gives the nod to several well-positioned names in Planet Biotech.


Silver's Antibiotic Potential (07/09/2013)

"Recent studies have shown that silver can significantly improve the efficacy of antibiotics."


Biotechs Burning Rubber with Fundraising in Overdrive (07/08/2013)

"Over the past 12 months the number of "billion dollar" market cap biotech companies has increased by 51%."


Recognizing the Disruptive Potential of Cancer Immunotherapy (07/08/2013)

"Looking ahead over the coming months, there is reason for optimism regarding the next wave of phase 3 results from ongoing cancer vaccine trials. This is due to the fact that many of these products address the limitations of prior cancer vaccine approaches and/or have support from big pharma."


How a Professional Investor Uses Twitter to Trade Smarter: Mike Havrilla (07/02/2013)

Drug development is full of surprises, and those surprises are hitched to the catalysts that move biotech company stocks. Mike Havrilla, co-founder and analyst with BioRunUp, processes and trades on the news flow surrounding biotech and specialty pharma companies as they navigate the turbulent development cycle. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Havrilla talks about his methods and shares three rich ideas that could create doubles or triples for investors.


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