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Biotech Micro Caps Offer Promise of Mighty Returns: Dick Huebner (04/25/2013)

Dick Huebner knows what he wants. He's looking for biotech companies that can make it very big from a near zero-base valuation. We're talking low-end micro caps that bring a lot of risk to the table, along with the opportunity for major gains. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, GVC Capital's senior managing partner profiles three publicly traded life sciences stories that could produce generous windfalls for investors, and a private firm about to go public that promises to do the same.


A Biotech Tightrope Walk: Balancing Drug Value and Corporate Efficiency (04/23/2013)

"In its latest annual industry report, Ernst & Young see an implementation gap in how executives judge drug value versus corporate efficiency."


What Will It Take for Stem Cell Companies to Close the Valuation Gap?: ARM's Chairman Geoff MacKay (04/16/2013)

Naysayers may harp on the low market valuations of stem cell companies, but Geoff MacKay has an insider's perspective. The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine chairman and Organogenesis Inc. president and CEO asserts that though the regenerative medicine and cell technology industry is still largely in phase 1/2, phase 3 and commercial success are imminent. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, MacKay explains the promise of cell therapies for both patient health and investors' portfolios.


Gene Patent Case: Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Industry-Rattling Suit (04/16/2013)

"If the U.S. Supreme Court reached any consensus on the patenting of human genes, it was not evident from yesterday’s oral arguments, in which the justices posed questions using analogies of plants from the Amazon and chocolate chip cookies, while plaintiff Myriad Genetics invoked its own metaphor of a baseball bat."


The Good, the Bad, and the Unhealthy (04/16/2013)

"Today what we’re looking at is an almost impossible hurdle rate of over $1B per drug to come to market. It means that very few medicines make the hurdle rate. Occasionally, you do see one, but these are rarer and rarer."


Companies that Can Mend the Biotech Market: Stephen Brozak (04/11/2013)

Markets are not efficient—at least not in the short term. WBB Securities President Stephen Brozak admits to frustration when he sees small-cap companies with valuations that are disengaged from market realities. But Brozak's experience as a biotech investor, banker and analyst has taught him to be patient with these disconnection syndromes, and he now delights in prospects offered by select bargain-basement opportunities. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak touches on 10 names that have been flying far below the radars of most investors.


Biopharmas Shift Q1 Fundraising into Overdrive (04/10/2013)

"Biotech companies generated $5B in the first quarter of 2013. . .The heavy lifting for the period was carried out by public companies, which were responsible for 65% of the total."


6 Biotechs with Staggering Potential: Grant Zeng (04/04/2013)

When it comes to picking biotech stocks, does a buyside perspective matter more than a sellside? Not according to Zacks Investment Research Analyst Grant Zeng, who has straddled the divide. What really matters is research of uncompromised quality. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zeng offers a primer on what he looks for in a biotech investment, and names companies with the potential for big returns.


In Biotech, Bad Management Trumps Good Science (04/02/2013)

"Honesty and reliability, including full and accurate disclosure of corporate results, achievements and expectations, is a fundamental condition of good management, which investors must be able to rely upon as a condition of investing."


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