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7 Big Growth Stories in Biotech: Keith Markey (03/28/2013)

As a former biotechnology researcher and 25-year Wall Street veteran, Griffin Securities Inc. Analyst and Scientific Director Keith Markey understands how novel, cutting-edge technology can produce extraordinary new products that bring in revenues with double-digit growth potential. Markey reveals his best ideas in this Life Sciences Report interview, providing his growth thesis for every name and describing why each has potential for at least a double.


Three Outside-the-Box Biotechs (03/28/2013)

I had a really nice chat with Griffin Securities analyst and scientific director Keith Markey about a wide-ranging group of topics. My goal is to always talk about individual biotech and sometimes medtech stocks, but we got started on another subject right away. Although he's been an analyst for 25 years now, Markey started his career as a molecular biologist doing wet lab bench research. So, I thought my first and most natural question would be about how the biotech industry has changed from the drug discovery perspective. He says it hasn't, at least in one sense. "It's still about the biochemical pathways," he says. "They still pave the way to new therapeutic approaches. It was basic research that led Genentech and Amgen to pursue their initial drugs, a tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and erythropoietin," he says.


Cells Gone Wild: Creating Vaccines that Target Cancer (03/27/2013)

"Now that cancer vaccines have entered phase 3 clinical trials, the possibility that we might one day be able to get our cancer shot together with our flu shot seems much more plausible."


Solving the R&D Investment Dilemma with Project Funding: Mark Kessel (03/21/2013)

Big pharma knows how to market products. But has it lost a step on the drug development side? Is there a better way to incentivize drug development and make money at it? Mark Kessel, co-founder and partner at private equity firm Symphony Capital LLC, has developed an investment technique that funds promising biotech companies without exposure to all the losses built into a startup model. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kessel talks about his method and how it has worked with specific biotech companies.


This Biotech Patent Leader Generates an 8.3% Dividend Yield (03/19/2013)

"A biotech, you see, is no different than any other kind of high-tech firm: If it has enough patents, it can use them as a cash-generating machine."


Biotech Sector Analysis: March Madness (03/15/2013)

"Sound sector and company fundamentals are intact, and improving in some cases. The industry gatekeeper—the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—continues to be cooperative. The bullish stock market also bodes well—as cash flows into healthcare funds remain abundant—driving many stocks to what appear to be extended levels."


The Stem Cell Revolution Can Jump-Start Your Portfolio: Jason Kolbert (03/14/2013)

No single solution will emerge from the growing realm of stem cell technology and regenerative medicine. Instead, multiple innovations will succeed in a field that promises to forever change the practice of medicine—innovations generated by the recognition that living cells are capable of performing a platform of functions that present-day drugs simply cannot. In this Life Sciences Report interview, Jason Kolbert, senior vice president and biotechnology analyst with Maxim Group, provides a detailed analysis of the industry and names companies that investors should be aware of now, while valuations are remarkably low.


This Healthcare Fund Is Up 70%: Why I'm Not Selling (03/12/2013)

"Have your exit plan in place, but don't sell. As I've explained many times, this market has the potential to run much higher."


10 Biotech Stocks Poised to Run: George Zavoico (03/07/2013)

For the first time in ages, conditions for biotech investment are just right. The capital markets have loosened up, and institutional investors are ready to bid up share prices on stories that have both merit and looming catalysts. Sure, there's risk. . .but without it, there's no upside. In this Life Sciences Report interview, Senior Analyst and Managing Director George Zavoico of MLV & Co. identifies a group of biotech companies with market-moving events on their calendars. Sharpen your pencils: From cancer to coronary artery disease to vaccine technology, Zavoico names potential winners.


PDUFA? What's a PDUFA? Understanding the Drug Development Process Is Key to Biotech Investing (03/01/2013)

The catalyst theory of investing in biotech stocks is all about the events that move shares in the public markets. Nobody wants dead money sitting in an account, but that's what you might be the case if you don't have a clear view of upcoming events that could make a stock jump in value.


Investment-Based Crowdfunding for Biotech Companies: A Revolution with Risk (03/01/2013)

"The second model is an equity-based or investment-based model and involves an actual investment in an entity that is pursuing a project. Members of the "crowd" that provide funding receive an ownership interest in the entity."


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