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5 Companies with Upcoming Catalysts that Should Rally into 2014 (12/31/2013)

"In the developmental biopharma segment of the market that we follow daily at stockmatusow, stock prices sometimes experience volatile moves, especially as a near-term catalyst event approaches."


Coming of Age: Experts Reflect on the Extraordinary Promise of the Cell Therapy Sector (12/26/2013)

keay82Without innovation and risk-taking, modern medicine would be missing staples of the physician's armamentarium: antibiotics, radiation therapies, vaccines. The idea of taking a tonic to cure what ails you is thousands of years old, but the science behind that tonic may be revolutionary. Enter stem cell technologies. Given the promise backing the science—and the sector's position on the cusp of breaking out—companies with cell therapies got plenty of attention from investment analysts and experts in 2013. Read what those experts, including George Zavoico of MLV & Co., Steve Brozak of WBB Securities, Jason Kolbert of the Maxim Group, and Kevin DeGeeter of Ladenberg Thalmann & Co., had to say about prospects for stem cell companies in this special retrospective article from The Life Sciences Report.


Micro-Cap Medtech with Explosive Upside Potential: Brian Marckx (12/19/2013)

Combine the complexity of genomic testing with the high risk inherent in micro-cap stocks, and you have investment opportunities that require exceptional diligence. The reward for understanding the value proposition of budding companies? The payoff can be enormous. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Medical Device Analyst Brian Marckx of Zacks Investment Research has selected eight micro-cap names that could return triples, quads and more for investors willing to do their homework.


The New Year Heralds a Transition in Stem Cell Development: Jason Kolbert (12/17/2013)

The cell therapy industry has been mired in phase 1 and 2 studies for what seems like a lifetime. But 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for share-moving phase 2 data and pivotal phase 3 activity. Jason Kolbert, managing director for biotechnology research at Maxim Group, leverages his deep understanding of the stem cell space to uncover viable therapies that double as excellent business models. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kolbert guides investors to regenerative medicine companies that have evolved beyond great science projects into businesses capable of generating huge margins and disrupting the paradigm of medical practice.


3-D Printing: Will Drug Production Become a DIY Project? (12/13/2013)

"Both research and production look poised for a revolution as 3-D printing applies its high-tech charms to the business of creating chemical compounds and turns the production of medicine into a DIY project."


Shopping for Biotech Growth Names: Reni Benjamin (12/12/2013)

Get ready for a bonanza of biotech names. Managing Director and Equity Research Analyst Reni "Ren" Benjamin is a new arrival at H.C. Wainwright & Co., and he's busy doing diligence on a lot of stocks. Along with three Buy-rated biotechs he's already initiated coverage on, Benjamin brought The Life Sciences Report a bonus package of names that could fatten investors' portfolios. Backed by Benjamin's extensive industry knowledge, this long shopping list includes companies poised to make drug development history.


How to Pick Biotech Stocks (12/09/2013)

"Intellectual property is one of the most important and valuable assets a company has. IP essentially gives someone a monopoly for producing a product against certain indications for up to 20 years. Finding companies with great ideas that follow through with investing in patent protection creates a potential short list of investments, as a successful product could have exclusivity in the marketplace."


Not Your Father's Diagnostics: Ram Selvaraju on How Molecular Genomics Invigorate the Sector (12/05/2013)

An old investment principle says the equity upside of diagnostics and tools companies can't hold a candle to that of small biotech drug developers. Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju, managing director and head of equity healthcare research at Aegis Capital, begs to differ. His research has uncovered small- and micro-cap companies developing sophisticated platforms in the molecular diagnostics space that are destined for significant revenue growth and profits. In his first of three interviews with The Life Sciences Report, Selvaraju lays out a handful of names with powerful technologies on the cusp of investor acceptance as huge growth plays.


Printing the Human Body: Infographic (12/01/2013)

The future of bioprinting will allow for full organs and other human parts to be printed on demand for patients.


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