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Eight Catalyst-Driven Biotechs Ready to Advance: Michael Hay and Jocelyn August (11/26/2013)

Investors are attracted to small- and micro-cap biotech stocks because their life cycles are filled with share-moving milestones. Michael Hay and Jocelyn August of Sagient Research handicap those milestones and calculate the probabilities that drugs in development will be approved and successful in the marketplace. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay and August set a table investors can be thankful for, naming companies with upcoming catalysts and real potential for upside.


How to Invest in the Most Expensive Drugs on the Market (11/22/2013)

"The diseases are chronic, brutal and life-threatening. The drugs that treat them are the priciest you can buy. Five approved by the FDA this year cost $150,000 per person and three cost more than $300,000, according to Forbes."


The Stunning Potential of Gene Silencing: Nobel Laureate Craig C. Mello (11/21/2013)

The era of gene regulation has begun in earnest. Craig Mello and Andrew Fire won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2006 for discovering RNA interference, which can stop genes in their tracks. Drug therapy traditionally has been about finding a molecule that would bind to a protein and short-circuit the reaction pathway that led to disease. Thanks to Mello and Fire, it is now possible to prevent synthesis of the protein itself. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Craig Mello, professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, discusses the stunningly disruptive potential of technologies that can silence genes. He also mentions some interesting companies in the field.


Drug Stocks to Buy: New Statin Guidelines Are a Shot in the Arm (11/15/2013)

"Over the last five years, statin prescriptions in the United States have grown nearly 20% to 264M a year. Total global sales of cholesterol-treating medicines, including statins, were $35B last year, according to IMS Health. Statin sales amounted to $29B worldwide and $10B in the United States."


Seven Investments on Biotech's Cutting Edge: Joseph Pantginis (11/14/2013)

Phase 1 and phase 2 biotech companies offer great upside for investors who understand the risks and the critical need for diversification. ROTH Capital Partners Senior Research Analyst Joseph Pantginis has staked out a basket of small-cap oncology biotech names with cutting-edge technology platforms that have realistic opportunities for success. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pantginis makes meticulous arguments for seven names that offer huge upside.


Global Expansion and Affordable Care Act Boost Life Science Tools and Diagnostics: Bryan Brokmeier (11/07/2013)

Two years ago, medtech was thought to be waning. Investors were deserting companies perceived to be short on margins and sure to be demolished by the Affordable Care Act. Today the landscape is transformed: Medtech companies are embracing international markets, preparing for increased volumes of procedures and enjoying new, rich valuations. Do they have what it takes to woo investors back? In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Bryan Brokmeier of the Maxim Group picks a small group of names that have performed brilliantly over the past year and that he expects will treat investors very well.


Six Opportunities in the Specialty Pharmaceutical Space: Scott Henry (11/07/2013)

The specialty pharmaceuticals universe encompasses a variety of technologies, among them innovative drug delivery systems and unique pain management and orphan disease treatments. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Scott Henry of ROTH Capital Markets touts the value of "sound business models" in the specialty pharma space, and names six companies with interesting prospects and/or stock-moving catalysts on the horizon.


Here's How Pharma Stocks Are Outperforming the S&P 500 (11/05/2013)

"While a lot of uncertainties remain within the healthcare system, the innovation coming out of the pharmaceutical sector continues to drive financial results and equity valuations higher."


3 Promising Biotech Stocks with Upcoming Catalysts (11/04/2013)

"Biotechnology stocks are some of the most volatile investments around. They are hard to analyze because, unlike almost all other stocks, the fundamentals aren't typically as important as the potential. And the potential is usually based on upcoming catalysts that the company will face."


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