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2013 Biotech Watchlist Update: Companies Climb and Crumble on Catalysts (10/31/2013)

stethobillfold1The Life Sciences Report's Biotech Watchlist, introduced in January 2013, is composed of 17 companies that industry analysts felt showed promise for the coming year—companies with productive pipelines, good management and stock-moving catalysts on the horizon. The new year presented legitimate prospects for portfolio growth and, indeed, that has been the case. In this update, we summarize the current status of Watchlist companies and introduce our Portfolio Tracker, showing the status of each company in real time.


Categorizing LifeSci Investments + 2 Niche Market Picks (10/28/2013)

"This is not to say that investors should necessarily avoid small or medium-sized clinical life science companies. The high risk comes with a high potential for return, although investors will probably have to spend a lot more time with their due diligence. Also required is a strong stomach for the volatility of these stocks."


This Biotechnology Platform Could Save Millions of Lives: Patrick Cox (10/24/2013)

Patrick Cox, editor of the brand-new publication Transformational Technology Alert, is acutely aware of how transformational technology platforms can enable efficiencies and improve scale a la Moore's Law. A sweeping new synthetic vaccine platform that poses infinite possibilities for researchers and could produce novel preventive and therapeutic drugs is a quintessential example. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cox delivers a single name that holds the potential to save lives on a mass scale, cheaply and efficiently, in both the developed and developing world—and deliver health and wealth to investors' portfolios as well.


4 Pharma Stocks Could Deliver Earnings Surprises (10/22/2013)

"New products are expected to support top line going forward. This, along with increased pipeline visibility and smart utilization of cash, should increase confidence in the sector."


A Compulsion for Brain Science: Zack Lynch (10/17/2013)

Roughly a third of the world's population feels the burden of some type of brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve disease: dementia, depression, compulsion, infection, trauma. Understanding the need for investment, awareness and public policy advocacy in finding solutions for these afflictions, Zack Lynch founded the Neurotechnology Industry Organization in 2006, and serves as its executive director. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lynch makes a bullish case for a growing industry and discusses how he proposes to increase funding for neuroscience from both private and public sources, thereby increasing options for patients and opportunities for investors.


The Best Small-Cap Biotech Picks for the Rest of 2013 (10/15/2013)

"We have compiled five of our best end of year, and long-term small-cap developmental biopharma companies we feel have an excellent chance to be long-term 'multibaggers.'"


Backing Biotech Growth with Manufacturing Strength: Brian Wilson (10/10/2013)

The focus of most small biotech and pharma companies is on discovery—looking for that next breakthrough in gene therapy, diagnostics, drug delivery and the like. While's Brian Wilson has explored and written about the possibilities in these fields, he sees potential outside the traditional discovery sphere, in companies focused on low-profile tasks like contract manufacturing services. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wilson names one of his favorites in that space, and discusses a pair of companies using contract manufacturing services to advance their own development strategies.


Biotech Companies Record Another Positive Quarter (10/07/2013)

"In all there were 27 public offering transactions generating $1.26 billion in the third quarter, with companies continuing to take advantage of their higher stock valuations and welcoming capital markets to raise funds for their operations."


Not All Stem Cells Are Created Equal: Vernon Bernardino (10/03/2013)

Biotech companies are fiercely competing to create the newest and best miracle drugs using stem cell technologies. How can an investor spot the potentially victorious outliers amid the chaos of rival scientific claims? The failure rate of new product development in the only recently understood cell space is terrifying, but in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, analyst Vernon Bernardino of MLV & Co. reveals his formula for evaluating the strongest contenders. Bernardino also names five companies with products that may succeed in this new and competitive space.


3 Small-Cap Biotechnology Stocks Making Big Moves (10/01/2013)

"Investors have seen a tremendous rally in the biotechnology industry. Many stocks have been participating in the rally, but there have been a few that are especially standing out because of performance and/or new announcements."


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