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Dendreon to Close New Jersey Plant, Cut 600 Jobs (07/30/2012)

"The company, whose Provenge treatment for prostate cancer has had disappointing sales since it was launched in April 2010, and which is facing growing competition from easier-to-administer drugs, said the closure of its Morris Plains, New Jersey, factory would greatly reduce its cost of goods sold."


Brains Are Different in People with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (07/30/2012)

"UC Irvine scientists have discovered intriguing differences in the brains and mental processes of an extraordinary group of people who can effortlessly recall every moment of their lives since about age 10."


Healthcare Reform Could Radically Change Your Benefit Plan (07/27/2012)

"Most employers (71%) said they expected to continue sponsoring health insurance plans, but many are considering major changes as more of the healthcare reform law kicks in."


Fascinating New Technology Trends Offer a Glimpse into a Wild Future (07/27/2012)

"Cutting-edge high tech is moving at warp speed, with new advances coming faster than any one person can track."


Immunotherapies Attack Cancers and Grow Portfolios: Mara Goldstein (07/26/2012)

Sometimes valuations don't match the fundamentals of a stock, according to Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. Senior Biotechnology Analyst Mara Goldstein, who understands the science and its relationship to value. Goldstein recommends a handful of small-cap immunotherapy companies that were up 14–42% over the month of June; she also has one large-cap idea for more patient investors. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Goldstein makes a case for favorite companies that should continue making shareholders happy.


Special Report Reveals Biotech Stock Drivers: Michael Hay (07/26/2012)

Certain predictable dates and events bring profound effects to bear on biotech stocks. Michael Hay, vice president of Sagient Research Systems, successfully applies the art and science of important catalysts to predict when biotech stocks will move up or down. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay discusses his strategy and names companies that will produce meaningful gains for investors.


Good News in Hard Times: More Money for Biopharma (07/26/2012)

"Venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates says investments in biopharma and other healthcare startups will be included in its just-closed 14th fund totaling $2.6B."


Six Ways to Save Biotech (07/24/2012)

"Of course, the number one way to return the biotech ecosystem to full health is to build a healthy economy in which there is more appetite for risk. But let's hope the current adversity will lead to some creativity that will better serve the industry in good times as well as bad."


Venture Capital: Medical Device 'Big Exits' on the Rise (07/23/2012)

"The device industry notched 18 'Big Exits,' beating biotech's 17 and extending an upward trend in exit activity in the life sciences, with more than 25 per year since 2009."


Three Important Biotech Names (07/21/2012)

The term reovirus (respiratory enteric orphan virus) was originated by Albert Sabin, who is now synonymous with the oral poliomyelitis vaccine that bears his name. Now, after more than a half-century of research, investigators at a handful of biotech companies are moving the virus forward as a cancer-fighting agent. The reovirus is found extensively in nature, and most humans have had a GI tract infection with it by the time they are beyond childhood or into early adulthood. Reovirus infection is in most cases asymptomatic, and it is not at all considered to be virulent. So, what meaning does a harmless virus have for disease, and especially for deadly cancers?


Fewer Approvals and Filings Sully FDA Offensive (07/20/2012)

"Despite declines in the first half of 2012, FDA remains on track to roughly replicate its performance for all last year, when 30 new drugs won approvals."


Biotech 'Diamonds-in-the-Rough' Promise Huge Potential Returns: Rahul Jasuja (07/19/2012)

Rahul Jasuja, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst with Noble Financial Capital Markets, doesn't shy away from the smallest micro-cap companies. He relishes the potential upside in finding undervalued drug developers with technology platforms that are, frankly, difficult for most investors to understand. The micro-cap companies he covers must demonstrate scientific rigor and have management capable of executing corporate and clinical goals. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Jasuja shares some of his favorite names, which he believes can return major multiples back to investors.


Why Your Health Care Is So Darn Expensive (07/19/2012)

"At that point, it isn't lifestyle changes that are keeping us alive—it's machines and doctors and medicines doing a lot of the heavy lifting in order to grant us those precious extra days."


Mergers Show How Affordable Care Act Will Deliver Profits (07/19/2012)

"The two largest managed care firms, UnitedHealth Group Inc. and WellPoint, are now big players in Medicare Advantage and Medicaid, according to The Huffington Post. And with the impending influx from the Affordable Care Act, they plan to get even bigger."


Surge in Biotech Deals to Unlock Big Investor Profits (07/18/2012)

"Large investors in U.S. biotech companies are likely to capture serious windfall profits as deal activity picks up in the sector."


Personalized Medicine: Challenges Lie Ahead (07/18/2012)

"'The beautiful thing about personalized medicine is we're going to mitigate the technical risk dramatically. . .But until we solve the business model question, we have a significant challenge.'–Dr. David Nelson."


Four Ways to Outrun Obsolescence in Biotech (07/17/2012)

"To stay ahead in the ever-quickening world of research, scientists must be fast and cunning."


Anti-Obesity Pill Wins Approval (07/17/2012)

"Vivus Inc.'s Qsymia is the second weight-loss drug approved by the FDA in less than a month, following Arena Pharmaceutical's pill Belviq in late June."


Rare Diseases Research Gets Legislative Pick-Me-Up (07/16/2012)

"The pharmaceutical industry has started to shift the strategic focus of its research to embrace rare diseases, catalyzed in part by the slowing down in growth due to patent expirations, generic competition, thinning product pipelines and increasingly stringent regulatory guidelines."


Glaxo to Buy Human Genome Sciences for $3B (07/15/2012)

"GlaxoSmithKline is paying $14.25 a share in cash, nearly double where Human Genome Science's shares were trading before news of the Glaxo's initial offer was disclosed."


Sugar-Fueled Brain Chips Are Major Medical Breakthrough (07/14/2012)

"These or similar devices could play a vital role in the biotech revolution. They could help brain-damaged patients and stroke victims walk again or operate computers with their minds."


Profit from Canadian-Based Biotechs and Specialty Pharmas: Philippa Flint (07/12/2012)

Covering a wide variety of small biotech and pharma companies domiciled in Canada, Bloom Burton & Co. Research Analyst Philippa Flint discusses important biotech and specialty pharma names that she knows quite well and expects to be very profitable for investors. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Flint explains in depth why her favorite companies should be in your portfolio.


IMS Study Forecasts Rebound in Global Spending on Medicines (07/12/2012)

"Following several years of slowing growth, the global market for medicines is poised to rebound from an expected low point of 3–4% growth in 2012 to 5–7% in 2016."


US Patients Get Cancer Drugs Faster and Pay More (07/10/2012)

"Between 2000 and 2011, new oncology drug approvals in the U.S. outpaced European approvals by 33%. At the same time, prices for cancer medications in Europe, on average, were 9% lower than in the U.S., according to a new report from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development."


What Patent Cliff? Pharma ETFs Continue to Surge (07/10/2012)

"Many analysts discounted pharma's ability to plan for the 'patent cliff.' The industry has been hard at work building up cash reserves in order to boost nearly empty pipelines."


A Possible Bidding War for Human Genome Sciences? (07/09/2012)

"Human Genome has set a July 16 deadline for takeover offers from suitors other than GlaxoSmithKline. Investors would likely react with horror and anger if Celgene were to make a run at Human Genome."


New User Fees Will Expedite Med Device Reviews (07/09/2012)

"The deal boosted the user fees from $295 million over five years to $595 million in exchange for the FDA meeting performance goals."


The Race between Science and Politics (07/06/2012)

"On the one hand, we have scientific advance, unraveling the mysteries of life and developing revolutionary new therapies. On the other, we have politicians trying to lock everything down into a stasis, whether they know it or not."


Biopharmaceutical Intellectual Property Is Safe Behind the BRIC Wall (07/06/2012)

"A significant amount of growth is expected from an influx of biopharma companies looking to establish a presence in BRIC countries, where they not only will be seeking to capitalize on the R&D and manufacturing infrastructures but also filing patent applications to sell drugs to local populations."


Follow Venture Capital to Big Gains in Biotech: Peter Johann (07/05/2012)

Peter Johann is a managing general partner at NGN Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in private and public biotech and medical device companies. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Johann discusses pharmaceutical and medical device companies in his portfolio, pointing out opportunities for venture capitalists that are also potential boons for private investors.


Supreme Court Sets Stage for Changes to Drug Development and Investment Priorities (07/05/2012)

"Innovative drugs that offer clear superiority over existing products are likely among the beneficiaries of the healthcare overhaul."


Healthcare Ruling: Key Takeaways for Investors and Taxpayers (07/04/2012)

"In the wake of the Obamacare ruling, select healthcare stocks are poised to benefit while the outlook for others is somewhat sickly."


Other Clouds Forming Behind Supreme Court Ruling (07/03/2012)

"Under the health care law, makers of brand drugs could lose $155B over the next decade due to higher discounts, increased Medicaid rebates, taxes and competition from biosimilars."


After Roche Merger, Biotech Tail Wags Big Pharma Dog (07/03/2012)

"Genentech's jeans-wearing scientists in San Francisco have proven they are the ones driving the drug pipeline of the 116-year-old Basel-based pharma giant."


Biotech Threats Disappear as Supreme Court Upholds Health Law (07/02/2012)

"The healthcare bill included important provisions that the biotech industry had fought long and hard for. In particular, the cloud that hung over a provision allowing 12 years of marketing exclusivity for biologics, as well as the regulatory pathway for biosimilars, has now disappeared."


Hidden Small-Cap Medical Device Companies with Big Growth Potential (07/02/2012)

I've been involved in healthcare as a clinician, writer or analyst for four decades, and every now and then a public company will come to light that went previously unnoticed or unknown by me. That was the case when I interviewed analyst Caroline Corner for The Life Sciences Report. Corner provided some small-cap medtech names of great interest that could ultimately be uncovered by small cap mutual and hedge funds. When they buy, share prices are lifted up.


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