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Catastrophically Successful Life Extension (04/30/2012)

"Our lives will be profoundly affected by emerging biotechnologies that will push maximum healthy life spans up much faster and further than ever before."


ER Doctors Face Quandary on Painkillers (04/30/2012)

"The frequent prescription of narcotics in emergency departments for dental pain has been quantified for the first time by research financed by the National Institutes of Health, bringing to light another way opioids get into circulation and contribute to the rampant abuse of painkillers in the United States."


Investing in Biotech Stocks: The Buyout Binge Continues (04/27/2012)

"The biotechnology buyout deals just keep coming, meaning those investing in biotech stocks have scored some juicy profits, with more on the way."


Tap into Low-Risk Biotech and Specialty Pharma for Growth: Steven Palmer (04/26/2012)

The somewhat obscure specialty biotechs and pharmas seek to add value by giving new life to older technologies and molecules. President and Chief Investment Officer Steven Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management embraces this strategy to generate exceptional returns while mitigating some of the risks inherent in drug development. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Palmer shares favorite life sciences names that could offer huge returns.


Pharma & Biotech Stock Outlook (04/26/2012)

"With most of the big pharma companies already facing or likely to face patent challenges for their blockbuster products, the companies have been looking toward M&A and in-licensing activities to make up for the loss of revenues that will arise with key products losing patent exclusivity."


Computing the Best High-Resolution 3-D Tissue Images (04/25/2012)

"Real-time, 3-D microscopic tissue imaging could be a revolution for medical fields such as cancer diagnosis, minimally invasive surgery and ophthalmology."


Amgen Kicks Off Week of Big Biotech Earnings (04/24/2012)

"It's imperative that each company meets sales and profit targets for the past quarter, but investors are particularly interested in updates on drugs being developed as they represent future growth."


AstraZeneca's Big Drug Deal (04/23/2012)

"The acquisition will give the company access to a number of promising drugs, including a developing treatment for gout, a condition that causes joint inflammation."


Select Biotech Winners in Advance of ASCO Conference (04/20/2012)

"Any time a company is expected to present healthy data at ASCO, the speculation over FDA approval, buyout, and game-changing findings can jet stock prices going into the conference."


Electrifying Biotechnology: A Shot at Shocking Profits (04/20/2012)

"The discovery of reversible electroporation revolutionized biotechnology research. Cracking open a cell's pores allows researchers to get stuff into cells they weren't able to before."


Gilead Sciences' Hepatitis Drug in Spotlight (04/20/2012)

"Both medical and investor communities will scrutinize results from an experimental, next-generation treatment for the liver-destroying virus hepatitis C."


Deep Value Found in Small Medtech: Jason Mills (04/19/2012)

Medical device companies need to demonstrate four qualities to be good investment ideas, according to Senior Medical Devices Analyst and Managing Director Jason Mills of Canaccord Genuity. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Mills shares his precise criteria and pinpoints specific growth names that are trading at value levels.


Five Ways to Play Heart Health (04/19/2012)

You almost never hear an analyst say his sector is trading at a significant discount across all market caps. But when I interviewed Senior Analyst and Managing Director Jason Mills of Canaccord Genuity for The Life Sciences Report, that was his evaluation of the cardiovascular space in medtech. A negative environment can certainly create opportunity, and Mills says specific medtech stocks are trading at "trough levels" not seen since the technology meltdown of 20012002.


Will Illumina Reject Roche's Raised Takeover Bid? (04/17/2012)

"Shareholders of the San-Diego based Illumina seem to be collectively siding with their board, which has already rejected two bids from Roche."


Superior Biotechnology Leads to Superior Drugs (04/17/2012)

"Revolutions in our understanding of the genome and proteome are opening up new pathways toward vanquishing the cancer foe."


The Wireless Revolution Hits Medicine (04/16/2012)

"The digital world has been in a separate orbit from our medical cocoon, and it's time the boundaries be taken down."


Treating Depression with Electrodes Inside the Brain (04/14/2012)

"The procedure, called deep brain stimulation, targets a small brain structure known as Area 25, the 'ringleader' for the brain circuits that control our moods."


Junior Resource and Biotech Investing Share Profit Potential (04/12/2012)

Several Casey Research publications focus on the junior resource sector because this is a prime speculative market—one where individual investors can still turn a small amount of money into a fortune, provided they bring the proper tools to the table. Yet resource juniors by no means stand alone. Biotechnology is another good market for speculation. In fact, despite the very different science and economics at work, the biotech and junior resource sectors share some interesting traits. Investors will find a lot to like in both.


Vaccine Therapies Hold Promise for Investors: Stephen Dunn (04/12/2012)

Developing vaccines to treat and/or prevent disease promises life-changing benefits for patients and unique opportunities for investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital Senior Managing Director and President Stephen Dunn discusses the roadblocks encountered by some developers of immune therapies and how other companies are working around those obstacles, producing investment opportunities in the process.


Playing the Immune System for Profit (04/12/2012)

I had an opportunity to pose some questions once again to Stephen Dunn who is president and senior managing director of research at LifeTech Capital, a division of Aurora Capital, which has a presence in growth hotbeds India and China. LifeTech is one of those boutique investment banks that researches small-cap stocks that need capital and attention. The firm specializes in biotech and medtech, and it really does get an opportunity to get inside little companies to know the people and to understand the science. Dunn gets to do things that he wouldn't get to do in a bulge-bracket banking environment, and after 25 years in his industry he has done nearly everything, including negotiations for intellectual property agreements to product deals, venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. . .


Weight Loss Stocks Race to End the Obesity Epidemic (04/10/2012)

"The economic burden of obesity is estimated to be 10% of total health care costs, with projections continuing to grow as the obesity epidemic spreads. For investors, that means weight loss stocks are poised to gain."


Breaking the Mold of Oncology Drug Development (04/10/2012)

"Looking at all oncology products on the market, it is striking to note how each targets a single factor in the complex processes that control tumor growth and invasion. It is almost like attempting to stop traffic in a city by blocking a single avenue: It only slows down traffic but doesn't stop it completely."


Fatty Acids Fight Cancer Spread (04/09/2012)

"Tiny agents found in omega-3 could potentially be used to block the path of primary cancer tumors, preventing the advance to secondary-stage cancers."


Nanotechnology Used to Hunt for Hidden Pathogens (04/09/2012)

"The new nanoparticle-based technique may be used to detect microbes that have challenged scientists for centuries because they hide deep in human tissue and are able to reprogram cells to successfully evade the immune system."


Biotech Stocks: How to Invest in the Buyout Binge (04/09/2012)

"The very same problem that has big pharma execs wringing their hands is also creating one of the biggest profit opportunities we've seen in years."


Studies Suggest that When It Comes to Drug Development Success, Size Matters (04/09/2012)

"Studies have come to the conclusion that biologics hold better prospects than traditional small molecules of advancing all the way from the lab to the clinic to the market."


The Generic Drug Boom (04/09/2012)

"Many popular and profitable medicines are nearing the end of their patent-protection periods. As blockbusters begin to face competition from generics, big pharma stands to lose."


Small-Cap Ideas with Double-Digit Growth Potential: Frederick "Rick" Wise (04/05/2012)

You can own large medtech and diversified medical supply companies for low volatility and incremental upside in a trending economy (yawn. . .), but small- and mid-cap companies offer the real double-digit growth possibilities. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Analyst and Managing Director Frederick "Rick" Wise of Leerink Swann shares small-cap ideas that could wake up investors' portfolios.


Beautiful Music from Small Medtech (04/05/2012)

I was already aware that the Manhattan School of Music (MSM) produced the world's greatest musicians, but I didn't know that great sellside analysts were also minted there. Managing Director Frederick "Rick" Wise of New York City-based Leerink Swann is a proud MSM graduate, and he likes to say that he took the "classical route" to Wall Street. "I believe music was great preparation for being an analyst," he says. "I've been deciphering symbols and interpreting them and conveying the bottom line to people on a stage."


Antibody Offers Hope Against Cancers (04/03/2012)

"In a potential breakthrough for cancer research, Stanford immunologists discovered they can shrink or even get rid of a wide range of human cancers by treating them with a single antibody."


Technology Improves Neural Imaging, Human Brain Research (04/02/2012)

"A new cost-effective neural imaging system allows researchers to make much more complex maps of the brain with just one camera and one imaging system."


With or Without "Obamacare," Healthcare Stocks Are Headed Higher (04/02/2012)

"With the bill's fate up in the air, major players will have to devise new strategies for either outcome."


Early Third-Party Testing Benefits Medical Devices Producers (04/02/2012)

"Early engagement of third-party testing partner yields significant benefits to medical device manufacturers."


Personal Gene Mapping Has Its Limits (04/02/2012)

"The costs of whole genome sequencing are plummeting, making the test more accessible to more people, yet the ability of the test to provide useful information to patients has not been studied quantitatively."


Chasing Cheaper Cancer Drugs (04/02/2012)

"A new model that takes advantage of the highly specific nature of modern targeted therapies could slash drug development timelines and costs."


Orphan Drugs: Small Is the New Big (04/01/2012)

"Big Pharma is used to thinking big, but more and more companies are turning to the rare diseases category and to conditions that affect patient groups with populations less than than some small towns."


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