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Our Next President and Healthcare Policy (10/30/2012)

"Both candidates paint this as a vitally important election between leaders with starkly different views of policy and governing. So if the fate of the life sciences potentially hangs in the balance, what are we likely to see in the months ahead?"


Patheon Nabs Mexican Beachhead with $255M Banner Buyout (10/30/2012)

"Drugmakers from big pharma to much smaller companies have been striking partnership deals with companies in South America and other emerging markets—and buying up drugmakers and consumer health companies—to capture a share of that growth."


The Age of Personalized Medicine Is Near (10/29/2012)

"Biomarkers have the potential to accelerate product development and cut costs because they can help identify those drug candidates that are likely to fail sooner, and can predict drug efficacy faster than conventional clinical endpoints—giving life to the concept of 'fail early, fail cheap.'"


Cancer Fight Stalls Amid Push for Profits, Doctors Say (10/28/2012)

"The excitement generated by targeted drugs, which interfere with specific molecules involved in tumor growth and suppression, has been short-lived."


Flu Vaccine Jab Can Halve Cardiac Risk (10/28/2012)

"The flu vaccine provided an approximate 50% reduction in the risk of a heart attack or stroke compared with a placebo after one year of follow-up."


Out of the Red and into the Black: John McCamant on Investment in Blood Cancer Companies (10/25/2012)

Hematological cancers present special opportunities for investors. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, John McCamant, editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, comments on several companies in the hematology/oncology space, describing the challenges and successes that influence investment in the sector. In the case of two companies with very different valuations, McCamant makes his preference clear.


Qsymia Uptake Slow, Steady, but Will It Win Obesity Race? (10/23/2012)

"Dark horse Contrave has gained some ground through faster patient accrual and negotiations by its maker, Orexigen Therapeutics Inc., with the FDA for faster resubmission of its new drug application."


AstraZeneca, Ironwood Partner on IBS Drug in China (10/23/2012)

"The agreement calls for AstraZeneca to give an upfront payment of $25M to Ironwood. The companies will split net profits and losses in China on the drug."


Exercise Makes You Smarter (10/23/2012)

"It seems the increase in blood flow to the brain that accompanies exercise can directly boost brain function."


Aspirin May Slow Decline in Mental Capacity Among Elderly Patients, Swedish Study Suggests (10/22/2012)

"In addition to preventing heart disease, acetylsalicylic acid has been shown to be effective against cancer according to several scientific studies. It is common practice in many countries to treat women at risk for heart disease with a small dose of acetylsalicylic acid."


Adult Stem Cells: Cashing in on the New Fountain of Youth (10/22/2012)

"I believe we are not far from the day when we could all live to 100. . .and, more to the point, enjoy it."


Q3 Biotech Venture Investing Makes a Boisterous Leap (10/19/2012)

"Using the figures provided by Thomson Reuters, the quarterly report concluded that total life sciences venture deals topped $1.7B in 181 deals in the third quarter—a bit more than a quarter of all investments tracked during the period."


What Moves Biotech Stocks? Ed Arce Has Answers. (10/18/2012)

Biotech stocks move on material news, which means clinical data, regulatory progress, new partnerships and big contracts with new customers. Analyst Ed Arce of MLV & Co. holds to these principles as he shares compelling biotech names in this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report.


Fat Cells Help Tumors Grow (10/17/2012)

"Understanding the major mechanisms through which obesity drives cancer risk is important to coming up with therapeutic strategies on how to break these links, says Dr. Mikhail Kolonin."


Cancer Stem Cells: Just Hype or Hope for New Therapies? (10/15/2012)

"The panelists said that cancer stem cells have moved well beyond hype, with meaningful and positive early-stage clinical results being reported. The early data point to the prospect of exciting new future cancer therapies."


Personalized Genomic Medicine: How Much Can It Really Empower Patients? (10/15/2012)

"Genomic medicine's stakeholders—including direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies, private research centers, and the National Institutes of Health—are deeply invested in promoting how this information will benefit patients."


Is Medical Device Tax a Lame Duck? (10/12/2012)

"There's a growing confidence among medical device industry insiders that there may be an opportunity to repeal the medical device tax in the interim session between the November election and the seating of a new Congress—no matter who wins the race to the White House."


Casey Analyst Forecasts Explosive Biotech Growth (10/11/2012)

The myth of technology, whether for smartphones or cancer treatments, is that the next big thing appears suddenly and magically. Casey Research Analyst Alex Daley sets the record straight in this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report. While the science of genetic medicine has accelerated the process of turning magical thinking into practical medicine, Daley cautions investors in biotech and medical device companies to be patient, and names companies with innovative technologies poised for explosive growth.


Special Report: Highlights from BioX (10/10/2012)

The first BioX Life Sciences Exposition, hosted in late September by Noble Financial Capital Markets, included a slate of seminars that explored innovation in the biotech industry, including the fields of regenerative medicine, targeted oncology and immunotherapy. Rahul Jasuja, managing director of biotechnology research with Noble Financial, moderated the targeted oncology and immunotherapy panels, and provided these exclusive summaries to The Life Sciences Report.


BIO Investor Forum: The New Kids on the Biotech Block (10/10/2012)

"The panel highlighted companies that have secured financing from creative sources, like patient advocacy groups and venture philanthropists, as well as companies that have negotiated nondilutive financing from traditional pharmas and VCs using innovative deal strategies."


How a Mosquito’s Sting Could Spread Health (10/09/2012)

"How in the world could this little pest affect your life, other than whiz in your ear, suck your blood, inflict an itchy bite, transfer a deadly disease. . .or meet a justified smack? And how could it play a role in the marketplace?"


3-D Printing Has Now Reached Critical Mass (10/08/2012)

"The U.S. remains the clear leader in 3-D printing. The technology will help everyone live longer and healthier lives, and it will transform manufacturing as it brings jobs back to the U.S."


Much-Hyped Renal Denervation Devices Could Help Diabetics, Too (10/05/2012)

"Renal denervation devices, designed to treat hypertension, are already tabbed for big sales in that sphere--$2.8 billion by 2020, analysts say. Now, new research suggests the nerve-deadening procedure could benefit diabetics, an even larger patient population."


Pick Biotech Winners Like a Pro: John McCamant (10/04/2012)

John McCamant, editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, doesn't care if a scientist or a businessperson is at the helm of a biotech company, as long as management has skill and broad experience. Investors need to look for companies that offer "specifics, catalysts and deliverables." He names exactly that kind of company in this exclusive Life Sciences Report interview.


The Top Phase 3 Disasters of 2012 (10/03/2012)

"Drug development is a tough business. Sometimes, just when you think you're getting to the pot at the end of the rainbow, you find the trap door one step away."


Medtech Industry Stock Outlook: October 2012 (10/02/2012)

"Several catalysts for growth exist, including new product cycles, an aging population, geographic expansion, ongoing transition toward minimally invasive techniques and emerging markets."


Better Lucky than Good (10/01/2012)

"It took serendipity, a groundbreaking discovery and 25 years of hard work, but RNAi-based therapies are finally moving from concept to reality."


New 'Protein Chips' Could Save Your Life Someday and Make You a Bundle (10/01/2012)

"I believe the Intel-Stanford platform could have a wide impact throughout medicine. Already, the team wants to use the system to design better flu vaccines, which would affect millions in the U.S. alone."


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